martes, 23 de mayo de 2017

The Master / Little Gygax

Este busto fue realizado en el año 2013 y es una reedición de otra figura anterior creada en el 2004.  Es un modelo sencillo, fácil de preparar y pintar (ideal para este verano). Es mi particular homenaje a los juegos de rol de mi infancia.

Quiero aprovechar la ocasión para enseñar fotos del modelo pintado por geniales artistas y diferentes estilos. ¡Gracias! 1. Carlos Pantojo / 2. Gonzalo Davila / 3. La versión oficial del boxart es obra Arnau Lázaro aka Pintor de miniaturas.

This bust was created in the year 2004, but this is a new version remodeled in 2013. It is a simple model, easy to prepare and paint (ideal for this summer) This is my particular tribute to the roleplaying games from my childhood.

I want to take the opportunity to show images from different and amazing painters, thank you! 1. Carlos Pantojo / 2. Daniel González Ávila / 3. Oficial boxart version by Arnau Lázaro aka Pintor de miniaturas.

Order Information:

*The master PVP 15,00€  * Shipping cost // 3,00€ for Spain // 5,00€ for Europe and USA

*Height of the model / 56 mm (2,24 inches aprox.) Base not included in the model. Requires assembling and painting

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

CURSED PIRATE & VI Modelism Contest City of Leganés (Madrid)

Next week will be held in Leganés (Madrid) the most important Spanish Modelism Contest. You can check more information in MODEL 34 (The head behind of this awesome event). I have the pleasure of sharing stand with MACONE Models & Javier Villarroya.

I hope to surprise all attendees with many news!!!

This month I want to present the model: CURSED PIRATE. This is a reissue of a bust modeled in 2006. This is one of my favorite models. Initially the figure was on sale on fairs, but later in the Transilvania Models online shop (This website closed in the middle of 2014).

The new edition of The Cursed Pirate includes a decorated base that can be purchase in a special offer or without the kit: Orders to  Method of payment: pay pal (indicate in the confirmation email order: Name, Adress and the email to send the pay pal order describing the product and conditions)

* Height of the models: Bust 90mm // Base: 30x30 x 65mm

Cursed Pirate / One complete kit casted in resin / 25,00 €

Base / One base casted in resin / 15,00€

Offer Cursed Pirate + Special Base 35,00€ (you save 5,00€)

+ Shipping cost: Spain 3,00 € / Europe and USA 9,00€
The orders will be send from the next Wednesday. The availability of this model is limited 
Top: Private collection // Below: Boxart version 
Artist: Arnau Lázaro aka Pintor de miniaturas

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015


fantastic paint job by Pintor de miniaturas

From my small workshop I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a new year packed with kits, Star Wars, brushes, more Star Wars, resin figures, a bit more of Star Wars, plasticard and all these trifles that make us the modelers happy!!!

My plan for 2015 envisaged the launch of new kits but it has finally been impossible. The activity at the workshop is tailored to order entries and replacements, mainly resin orders for other brands. Moreover, Resinlab Models' small catalog has continually needed to be replenished and this takes the necessary time to produce anything new.

For 2016 I do not want to commit the blunder of anticipate novelties, though we can confirm the attendance of Resinlab to the two most important fairs modeling of Spain:

* IV Competition Models of Leganés (Madrid) March 11th-13th.

* AMT Torent XXII (Valencia) May 30th- April 1st (we had been there 13 years as an exhibitor at this event, I think I'm getting old)

Thanks to everyone for keep following my humble work

Enrique from Resinlab Models

future models fro 2016, maybe...

lunes, 6 de abril de 2015


The next days, between 10th and 12th April will be held the 21st edition of the Modeling Fair in Torrent, a city neighbour to Valencia (it is connected to Valencia by subway).
Torrent Fair is a must for modellers and a reference inside and outside Spain. To talk about this competition brings me great memories and anecdotes. I've attended during twelve years as an exhibitor, and this year you can visit again our stand Resinlab Models alongside Clay Dreams Miniatures (No. 8)
For personal reasons this time I will not be able to attend personally, though my friend JL Tortosa (AKA LULU Monster) will take care of the stand. I want to thank once again the organizers of the event!!!

martes, 10 de marzo de 2015

V Modelism Contest ¨CIUDAD DE LEGANÉS¨ Madrid

These year's first months have became hectic. The main activity at our workshop is to produce scale models, prototypes and resin cast service for other brands and companies. These are days of hard work and I'm afraid that we will not have any new releases until beginning of Spring. However...

Next March the 13th-15th will be held in Leganés (near to Madrid) the fair V Static Modelism Contest ¨Ciudad de Leganés¨ . If you're a hobby-fan do not hesitate in visiting the fair and look for our stand (n. 34 and 35). I'm honoured to share this space with two brilliant modellists: Macone MACONE Models & Javier Villarroya. Many thanks to the association Model34 for creating this awesome event.See you!!!

Resinlab Models in FACEBOOK: This blog will remain place to advertise new releases and fairs, but as of today do not hesitate to visit our Facebook Page. I promise to update more frequently than the blog, show miniauture creation progress and much more!!! Link here and follow me!!! 
... and a legion of zombies in the stand!!!

viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014


The 3rd Modeling Meeting Almogávar was held in Barcelona during the past 22 - 23 november. It is wothr mentioning here that he Almogávares were fearce Spanish warriors during the Reconquest period (12th Century). Therefore, there's no better name to define this event and the more than 400 pieces submitted for the contest. Thanks for the organization and Samarkanda Miniatures for their hospitality.  
Pictures of the event in this facebook link

Resinlab Models was present at the exhibition to close its fair season this year. During the event present two new busts: Alien Queen and Gygax the eternal Master (1.). I'm a big fan of RPGs and this is my particular homage to the games of my childhood. Alien Queen is the second reference but is out of stock. Should have done more copies !!! The great surprise was meeting at the contest three different versions of the figurine Dwarf Osprey Cockpit (2.), a small bust that we usually sold in fairs for 5,00€, and we send as a present with each purchase through my Ebay Shop. One of the versions was particularly brilliantly painted by Pascual Sales from Castellón, and it even won the silver medal.  

* Gygax the eternal master. Resin minibust 1 piece, height 55 mm PVP: 12,00€ + Shipping cost.
* Alien Queen bust: Temporally out of stock. Bust 1/10, 5 pieces PVP 24,00€ + Shipping cost. Next edition: January 2015 


lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

More dwarfs from space... RAPID INTERCEPTOR

Rapid Interceptors appeared as an alternative to attack motorbikes, yet with the advantages of gravitic vehicles. They can fly above the earth saving small obstacles, and above the water.

Rapid Interceptors are equipped as standard with two powerful turbo laser coupled to the chassis, and drivers can use grenades and other hand weapons while driving. Its production was limited to a small number of prototypes, so there are only a few drivers able to control them.

The Rapid Interceptor kit includes two versions with different drivers and a third kit representing an aircraft shot down during combat. The price of each kit is 22.00 € and 10.00 € for the scenic piece, though they can be purchased together to get a better price.

PVP per unit: 22,00€    Kit of two models (OP.A + OP.B): 40,00€    Interceptor Destroyed: 10,00€  +Shipping cost to Spain (3,00€)  Europe and USA (8,00€)

Kit of three models (OP.A + OP.B + Rapid destroyed): 50,00€ (Shipping cost included for Spain and + 4,00€ to the other countries)

You can buy this model through EBAY store or email

IMPORTANT: All orders will be sent Wednesday 1st October

 We are working on better pictures. For more pictures of the kit please write to our email, thanks!!!